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Keto Chow - Day

3 meal "day" package. You'll need to provide Heavy Cream, oil and some fish oil of your choosing, there's more info on the Preparation Instructions page.

Pick a flavor to see the nutrition information. I also have a page with nutrition info for the flavors.

General information about Keto Chow (what it is, how to use it and more) can be found on the Keto Chow Info page

The "Build-a-Week" bundle has been replaced by a bulk discount, just add 7 of any flavor to your cart to get the 5% discount.

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    No keto flu with this stuff

    Posted by Jen Pearson on Jan 16th 2017

    I use one serving a day and I have switched from running on sugar to running on fat with no withdrawals or side effects. It tastes just fine, I especially like the strawberry. It's a good quality product and I'm happy I found it.

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    Best keto Meal Replacement

    Posted by Dave on Jan 4th 2017

    The other 2 ketogenic Meal replacements That I tried left me feeling hungry all day, and the taste and texture were not up to par. Keto chow leaves me feeling satisfied satisfied and the taste and texture are great. Due to the heavy cream, it has the texture and taste of a milkshake, except without all the sweetness. It is also much cheaper than other keto soylents since you are paying for the powder instead of powder + oil. Also the heavy cream is easier to digest than most keto oil mixtures, which makes transition easier. You can add MCT oil yourself to get a ketone boost, but if your new to MCT oil it is best to only add a small amount until your digestive system adjust. All around great product! I only wish I could buy it on Amazon Prime.

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    Keto Chow - cookies and cream

    Posted by Rajeev on Dec 26th 2016

    Amazing flavor - this will sound funny, but when I feel like a main meal, the flavor feels like a main meal flavor, but when I just need a top off a meal, it really feels like desert. Rarely do I find a flavor doing going both ways (e.g chocolate or strawberry just dont cut it as a main meal, for me)

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    Posted by Audra A.R. on Dec 19th 2016

    Tried three flavors, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Snickerdoodle. I loved all three flavors and snickerdoodle was better than I expected. I'm not a person that normally drinks meals but I'm going to start using this as my breakfast and just ordered the week supply pack!

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    Posted by Kimberly on Dec 15th 2016

    I drink this for breakfast often. It's so easy to make the night before and it's ready for you in the morning. I actually put more water than the recipe calls for and it's still very thick and creamy. The Cookies & Cream is to die for!!! It's so delicious and I love knowing I'm getting good vitamins and minerals AND staying within my macros. If you're on the fence - try it! You'll love it!!!

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    Greal meal substitute

    Posted by Bill on Oct 31st 2016

    I've enjoyed Keto Chow as a breakfast substitute for a while now. It's easy to prep the night before in a shaker bottle and enjoy in the morning. I personally like to add a packet of Stevia to sweeten it up, but it's not bad on its own. I especially like Vanilla and Cookies & Cream.

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    Great flavor. Silky smooth texture. Super easy prep.

    Posted by Bob H on Oct 14th 2016

    I started off trying the sampler bundle and now I'm using Keto Chow (Peanut/Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Gourmet Vanilla) at least once per day. It's very filling and I really like the ease of prep along with all the extra vitamins & minerals over straight protien powder. Keep up the graeat work & the awesome product!

  • 4
    Keto Chow Rich Chocolate

    Posted by Preet Bhinder on Oct 11th 2016

    Keto Chow is the best tasting meal replacement that I've tried. Easy to mix as well and Chris is very active on Reddit which makes it easy to get questions answered. One star less for this specific flavor as it tastes too sweet to me compared to some of the others.

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