Keto Chow - Base Powder (for 10lbs)

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Keto Chow - Base Powder (for 10lbs)

The Base Powder (Just the Minerals and vitamins) is mainly for international customers who want to save on shipping - it's everything but the protein (which is the #1 ingredient by weight and volume in Keto Chow). When you mix it with the appropriate amount of Protein powder (for Dymatize it's 10lbs of protein) you will end up with  5.82051 weeks (122 meals) of Keto Chow. The 10lb pack is 5.82051 weeks worth for the price of 5 weeks.

Perfect for ketogenic/keto/low carb diets, or people who just want to lose weight (even if you're not doing keto). It tastes great and can be easily tailored to your caloric requirements just be adding more or less heavy cream or oil. Comes in a variety of flavors. This is the recipe that I currently am using for my own personal use. I have a great write up about the benefits (and the issues) of using Keto Chow for weight loss.

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