Keto Chow 2.0 - Week

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Keto Chow 2.0 - Week

certified ketogenic friendly

Keto Chow is complete nutrition for Nutritional Ketosis. It's a drink mix that quickly and easily makes a complete keto meal. It's not meant to replace your bacon and steak. Rather, it's targeted to replace the mundane meals; running to a meeting, breakfast in the car, stuck in class, etc... By design, Keto Chow provides 1/3 of your daily needs for electrolytes, vitamins, protein and more. The aim is that you could replace all your meals without ill effect if you are so inclined, but most users replace 1-2 meals a day and have a fantastic keto meal with family or friends for the 3rd. It's also quite tasty with a range of great flavors. You combine the powdered mix with your own personal amount of heavy cream to get the calories you want, anywhere from 600 calories a day up to 4000 if you really want to! Many liken the taste and texture to melted ice cream or a milkshake. The full, flavored mixture of Keto Chow does contain whey protein and sucralose; if those are a concern for you there's also a "Base Powder" option that has everything except the flavor/protein/sweetener. Want easy, complete nutrition but you want to use blueberry flavored egg white protein sweetened with stevia? Go for it! General information about Keto Chow (what it is, how to use it and more) can be found on the Keto Chow Info page.

This is a 21 meal "week" bulk pack. You'll need to provide Heavy Cream and some fish oil of your choosing, there's more info on the Preparation Instructions page.

Wondering how the flavors stack up? Check out the flavor reviews. Check out the Nutrition Information for the various flavors here.

Buy 4 or 8 (of any flavor combination) and save an extra 5% (it automatically changes the price). You have to buy EXACTLY 4 or 8 to get the discount, any higher or lower and it will not change the price. Please note that you won't see a "bulk discount 5% off" notice or anything of the kind, you'll just see the price for each item go down if you change the total quantity of weeks to exactly 4 or exactly 8.

* banana not included, shown for scale only

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    Keto Chow 2.0

    Posted by Michael on Sep 19th 2017

    Easy enough to prepare, have noticed that my weight has been going back up using this product thought. Maybe I'm not mixing it right, using too much heavy cream or something. Going to stick with it, do some more research as to what my total intake is and use what I have left.

  • 5
    New packaging

    Posted by Lori Eschen on Sep 15th 2017

    I love how they now provide scoops with each flavor and we don't have to measure. I use it at work and it is much easier to use this way. Love the stuff!!!

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    Keto Chow

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 15th 2017

    Good stuff

  • 5

    Posted by geraldine on Sep 15th 2017

    Enjoy this flavor - a little bland but good

  • 5
    BOOM! That was fast!

    Posted by John Kolodziej on Sep 12th 2017

    Arrived sooner than I expected in good condition- Both my sample pacj & this order arrived quick and correct. You're all Awesome @Keto Cjow!

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    Salted Caramel 2.0 week

    Posted by Danielle on Sep 12th 2017

    Thanks so much for including a scoop! I use this while traveling and carrying a scale was tedious before. Works great, mixes well, nice mouth feel. Zip on top of bag could be sturdier, tends to pop open. Suggestions on dropping sucralose and only including stevia as a sweetener - new studies show sucralose effects your gut bacteria (I'm an immunologist) Thanks for a great product!

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    Salted Caramel 2.0.1

    Posted by Oranges on Sep 11th 2017

    This flavor is amazing -- really caramelly with a very distinct "burnt sugar" taste which just makes it taste more real. Delicious, especially if you add it to coffee!

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    Keto Chow 2.0

    Posted by Casi on Sep 11th 2017

    Absolutely love this drink mix! I use it everyday as a replacement for lunch. I picked it up from their warehouse and everyone was lovely!

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    Cookies & Cream Keto Chow

    Posted by Corey on Sep 9th 2017

    This is great! When the instructions say to "stick it in the fridge for 30 minutes, but over night is preferred", read and heed! First time, I tried 30 minutes and it was ok but I was left with that nasty artificial sweetener after taste that we all know and hate. Every time after that I've left it in the fridge for AT LEAST 4 hours and it's been nothing but great since then. Highly recommended.

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