Keto Chow 1.9 - Base Powder (for 10lbs)

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Keto Chow 1.9 - Base Powder (for 10lbs)

We have temporarily brought back this large bag of Keto Chow 1.9 Base powder - it's actually the same as the 2.0 base powder, just in a larger package.

The Base Powder (Just the Minerals and vitamins) is mainly for international customers who want to save on shipping - it's everything but the protein (which is the #1 ingredient by weight and volume in Keto Chow). When you mix it with the appropriate amount of Protein powder you will end up with 122 meals (5.8 weeks) of Keto Chow. Works great with

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    exactly what it says on the bag

    Posted by Jeff on Jun 8th 2017

    Well this is exactly what it says on the bag. It is just the keto chow base (~4 lbs of it), and you will want to mix it with 37g of your protein powder of choice to make one normal serving of chow.

    The bag came very flat and tightly packed, but once opened, the powder settles outwards, and the powder retains consistency. The bag reseals easily, though the ziplock is thin, and you'll have to make sure there is no powder in the rails. There is no issue with clumping after 2 weeks.

    All in all I'm satisfied. This powder is a pretty good value, and depending on how much your protein costs, it comes down to around $3 per meal.

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