20 oz. Keto Chow Hydro Flask

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Keto Chow branded 20 ounce Hydro Flask. These sold out during our Black Friday sale and will likely not be restocked until sometime in February.

If you've been reading my blog very long you'll probably know that I've been advocating Hydro Flask insulated containers for years and now they're available with a super cool Keto Chow logo laser etched on one side. Perfect for when you're:

You need to either pre-refrigerate your Keto Chow for several hours or add in some ice cubes - in my experience, the Hydro Flasks will keep Keto Chow cold for at least 18 hours but the liquid needs to already be cold!  The double wall vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot up to 6 hours and iced drinks cold up to 24 hours. 18/8 stainless steel won't transfer flavors or odors to your next drink. This means your favorite beverage is always pure and refreshing.

The flip top lid should keep your gear nice and clean but please do make sure that you close the lid before you put it in your backpack.


  • Easy to transport
  • Wide Mouth Opening for easy cleaning
  • TempShield Protected Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Keeps Hot up to 6 Hours, keeps liquids with ice cold up to 24 Hours
  • Durable, sweat-free powder coat finish
  • BPA-Free
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with other Hydro Flask lids: Straw Lid and Flex Cap
  • Hand wash only with hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry, and it's ready for adventure

Safe for All

  • All Hydro Flask accessories are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and toxin-free
  • Made from recyclable polypropylene PP#5 for safe, eco-friendly disposal
  • Safe materials for children and adults alike

* banana not included, shown for scale only

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  • 5
    Hydroflask Colors

    Posted by Abby J on Jun 1st 2018

    I bought this originally in olive and then decided I wanted white. The customer service is absolutely outstanding. I ordered early one morning and they had taken care of my change and shipped it out the same day. I absolutely love the cup!!! I have tipped it over several times and it never leaks! I would for sure but another cup in a heart beat :)

  • 5
    Great Hydroflask

    Posted by Alessandra on Dec 25th 2017

    Flask is a great addition for caring food items to work.

  • 5
    Hydro flask does the trick

    Posted by Jerome on Dec 11th 2017

    The hydro flask perfectly fits a meal of ketochow and keeps it at temperature for hours. It' s easy to wash and a quality, sturdy product.

  • 5
    I love my hydro flask!

    Posted by Melissa Chrisman on Nov 23rd 2017

    I use the hydro flask to take my keto chow with me if I am going to be away from home during meal time and it works great. It keeps the shakes cool for many hours, and make it easy to bring keto chow with me.

  • 5
    Hydro Flask

    Posted by john on Aug 17th 2017

    keeps my shake cold and fresh. love it!

  • 5
    20 OZ. KETO CHOW HYDRO FLASK is great. Knew if I was going to embark on this journey I needed all the tools for success. I drink my shake every morni

    Posted by Linda W on Jun 13th 2017

    20 OZ. KETO CHOW HYDRO FLASK is awesome. When I embarked on this keto journey I knee I would need tools for success. I'm also a creature of habit, after my morning shake I get ready for my work day then grab my clean Hydro Flask I store in the fridge so it's cold. I grab one of my premade, already cooled shakes and transfer to the Hydro Shake for my lunch. I don't have to worry about fifhting for fridge space at work, it'll stay cool all day at my desk in the flask until I'm ready to drink it. Just remember to rinse it out, makes it much easier once you get home. Great product, makes life so much easier.

  • 5
    Keeps it cold.

    Posted by Erik M. on Jun 2nd 2017

    I drink three Keto Chow shakes a day (and NEVER anything else besides water, espresso and fish oil capsules). I ride an ebike to work so spilling would mean big trouble. The Hydro Flask has never spilled a drop. I make my three drinks the night before, store overnight in the fridge, drink two before going to work, and drink the last one about midway through my shift. The Hydro Flask keeps the drink cold.

  • 5

    Posted by Shawna on May 18th 2017

    Best vessel for long term chow toting. Highly recommended.

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